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Apart from content quality and blog design there is also important factor to drive a successful blog – and that is – Tools & Resources!

Often we get emails and comments that which resources and tools are used to run

So here is the exclusive tool box including domain hosting providers, plugins, themes and software which I use on this blog. I have also included some resources and tools below that I have used in past but I still adore and recommend them to my readers!

1) Domain purchasing & Web hosting

For both domain and hosting services, I use So far I have never experienced any down time and crash incidents. It is very good solutions provider for hosting + domain both!

2) Website Page builder

Although I have got free page builder as a part of my hosting plan, I also use Sumo Me page builder plugin.

3) Website Design Themes

I have already got few premium themes as a part of my hosting package. I use Activation theme on this blog.


  1. Blogging platform – WordPress

  2. Payment system: Stripe / PayPal

  3. Creating your audio/video products: Camtasia

  4. PowerPoint slides

  5. Keynote (for video products)

  6. for online store (for publishing my digital products)

  7. Membership site – WishList

  8. Email delivery: Infusionsoft & Maropost

  9. Email marketing campaigns: MailChimp and GoDaddy default email plugins

  10. Surveying my list: SurveyMonkey and Google Forms

  11. Backup & Restore – updraftplus

  12. Events Management – The Event Calendar

There are also few additional plugins that we use to smoothly run this Blog


It’s a powerful, perfect & full responsive widgets tool for your website: surveys, email opt-in forms, contact forms, popups, follow, share buttons, live chats & more all in one place! It has powerful re-targeting features that will help you to capture more email subscribers & sales leads. So if you are a beginner, you can start with a free plan.


It’s another World’s Easiest Email Marketing tool. It has 350,000 happy customers in 182 countries, engaging more than 1 billion subscribers every month. There are huge features like high converting landing page, Email opt-in form, Auto-responder, A/B test, etc. It has one-month free trial opportunity. So if you want to grow email list rapidly, you can choose it.


It is the best tool for Email marketing for even professional bloggers. There are huge features like high converting landing page, Email opt-in form, Auto-responder, A/B test, etc.It also combines simple & elegant automation and tagging features that you actually need as a professional blogger. But It has no free or trial plan.

If you need some help or have questions on installing or configuring any of above tools, I have packaged all these resources and tools installation / configuration / tutorial guide here. You can give your email and we will send this guide right away for FREE!

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  1. How to Make a Living with Your Writing: Books, Blogging and More
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  3. Blogging For Dummies
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  7. Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Why You Should Quit Your Job and How You Can!

If you still have any queries, feel free to contact us here.

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